Course Description

This is one of the most popular courses in the industry today. Designed for the corporate environment, this course provides extensive hands on training with more than 40 exercises in:

  • Setting up the Forensics Lab
  • Hardware and Computer Forensics
  • Software and Computer Forensics
  • Operating Systems and Computer Forensics
  • Evidence Handling
  • Chain-of-Custody
  • Finding Lost or Hidden Data on CD-ROM
  • Finding Lost or Hidden Data on Digital Storage Devices, including:
    • USB
    • Digital Camera
  • Recovery of Deleted and Encrypted Files
  • Magnetic Storage Recovery, including:
    • Hard Disk
    • Floppy
    • ZIP disk
  • Analysis of Multiple Digital Forensic Images for Practice and Development
  • How to Report Your Findings: Detailed Reports
  • Detecting Hidden Files
  • Detecting Alternate Data Streams
  • Recovering Hidden Files From CDs
  • Interviewing Employees
  • Corporate Policies on Expectation of Privacy
  • Interfacing with Law Enforcement
  • Securing a Crime Scene
  • Basic Legal, Regulatory and Civil Issues Relating to Forensics Discovery
  • Recovery, Analysis and Reporting

This course includes an extensive laboratory training and student manual as well as case image files for continued practice. Access Data FTK forensic recovery and analysis software is utilized along with other open source tools and techniques. Successful completion of each training session provides the student with a Certificate of Completion. This training program adheres to the IIAS 4000 series standards (International Industry & Academic Alliance) standards for Computer Forensics educational programs. (


Training includes:

  • Five days of intense instructor-led instruction
  • Forensics text manual
  • Forensics lab manual
  • Law Enforcement Guide to Cyber Space
  • Hands on Training
  • Case image files for analysis
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Classroom snacks and lunch are offered each day


Prerequisites: Hands on experience with PCs (hardware and operating systems).  This is a one week 40-hour course.